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Is It Weird To Go to a Restaurant Alone? (Not if You Do This)

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I assume you’re here because the thought of going to a restaurant alone is awkward for you. Maybe even anxiety-provoking.

And if you think about going to the cinema or a bar alone. Chances are that these situations provoke similar thoughts and feelings.

But with the perspectives and simple tips I’m about to share with you it’s probably easier than you think.

Traveling solo for many years taught me this.

And once you realize it’s doable to go to a restaurant alone or any other thing for that matter. The result is often inner peace and joy from the increased confidence.

Along with a new perspective and opportunities from the experience of not having to rely on someone else.

Let’s begin.

1. Why Is It Considered Weird?

I believe that most people would agree that there’s nothing wrong with going to a restaurant alone. But yet still understand why it could be considered weird.

It seems like there are a lot of negative preassumptions about people that are doing certain things alone.

Such as they’re a loser or a weirdo with no friends.

Or someone lonely due to rejection.

Restaurant alone
Enjoy your own company

From a revolutionary perspective and the brain we inherited from our ancestors, this makes sense.

Back in the day, if someone were alone, this could mean they had been rejected from their tribe due to various reasons.

Such as betrayal or weakness, which other humans would have steered clear of to increase their chances of survival.

Hence why it’s likely something still deeply rooted in us we pay attention to.

But in today’s modern society, it’s quite the opposite.

2. What Are We Afraid Of?

The main reasons are often the fear of what other people think of us and ultimately being judged.

It would be too easy for me to say that you just shouldn’t care about what other people think. Therefore I’m choosing a more realistic route.

And this applies to many other aspects of life too.

Ask yourself, how much do you focus on other people?

Most of us are too busy thinking of ourselves in the first place. The same goes for the majority of other people.

But it’s easy to convince ourselves that everyone notices our bad hair day. Or in situations where we think all our emotions are on display, even if we’re the only ones feeling them.

In case someone does focus a lot on other people’s actions, it’s often a sign of insecurity within themselves. Which devaluates their opinion in the first place.

The Root of the Cause

So the truth is we overestimate how much other people pay attention to us.

When I first realized this, I remember I got a bit embarrassed within myself.

I mean, what made me believe that I was so important?


To prove this hypothesis to yourself, try to remember the strangers at the last restaurant you went to.

In case you just didn’t walk out from there 5 minutes ago, chances are that you can’t.

And even if you remember a few, what about the ones from 1 year ago?

This even gets drastically more challenging if you were to remember this from a trip to the cinema or a night out.

3. Why Doing Things Alone Is a Good Thing

Learning to enjoy your own company is one of the best ways to increase your quality of life.

And once you understand why, it will be easier for you to do so especially if you’re in a situation where it gets a bit challenging.

It’s truly something to be proud of.

Doing something alone is a sign of:

  • Inner balance and peace
  • Self-confidence
  • Independence

I’m sure I’m not the only one that admires people with strong personalities acting like they don’t care about other people’s opinions.

The Hidden Advantages

Once you overcome the initial challenge of going to a restaurant alone – or anything else for that matter, chances are you’ll start to notice all the benefits.

Such as:

  • Enjoying your own company
  • A feeling of being present due to increased mindfulness of your surroundings
  • No distractions make you enjoy the food more
  • You’re more likely to meet new people (if you want to)
  • More freedom when it comes to decisions and how you want to spend your time
Overcoming challenges
Challenge accepted

4. How To Deal With the Awkward Silence

I’m sure you know the awkward silence I’m referring to.

Just think of the situations where you’re with someone somewhere, and they have to go to the bathroom.

Suddenly you don’t know where to look or what to do. And the minutes start to feel long.

The first reaction many people have is to take out their phone and start looking busy.

Not because they want to, but because they try to escape a situation they don’t know how to deal with.

This same feeling can be applied to visiting a restaurant alone.

And being aware of the reasons why it can be considered weird. And understanding why it can be a good thing to do so is not always enough.

But if you don’t find peace in the thought of just observing your surroundings (yet), there are things you can do to make it easier in the beginning.

Let’s take a look at them now.

9 Tips That Will Help You Get Used to Visiting a Restaurant Alone

  1. Sit in the most private area
  2. Choose a spot with a view to keep your attention elsewhere
  3. Grab a seat at the bar
  4. Talk with the staff
  5. Bring a book to immerse yourself in
  6. Put on your headphones and listen to an audiobook or podcast
  7. Use your phone if gets overwhelming
  8. Have a glass of beer or wine to settle the nerves
  9. Check photos of the restaurant beforehand and opt out of fancy and romantic places intended for couples
Eating a meal alone at a restaurant
Don’t forget what you’re fighting for

5. Conclusion

Once we’re aware of the underlying cause of why it’s sometimes considered weird to go to a restaurant or do other things alone.

Along with practical tips on how to deal with possible awkwardness in the situation.

There’s only one thing left.

And that is just doing it.

It’s like many other things in life that initially challenge us.

There’s no tip or second-hand knowledge that can replace practical experience.

What’s good is that things are rarely as bad as our minds make them out to be.

And if you just keep on doing it, it will eventually turn into a so-called habit in a short amount of time.

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