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Flight Seat Availability Checker

The 7 Best Flight Seat Availability Checkers (2023)

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and making a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. For more info, see the Disclosure Policy.

Welcome, jet-setters and aisle-seekers, to the golden ticket of flight comforts—the Flight Seat Availability Checker guide.

Have you ever found yourself in a middle seat, squished between a crying baby and someone who thinks “personal space” is a myth?

I feel your pain, and I’ve got the remedy. With over 300 flights tucked under my belt, I know the ropes, and I’m uncoiling them just for you.

Consider this your VIP access to the crème de la crème of tools that help you score that dream seat—an aisle seat with extra legroom or that elusive window seat with the perfect sunset view.

Let’s get started.

Quick Comparison: Flight Seat Availability Checkers

Platform 🌐Best For 🎯Pros 👍Cons 👎
1. CheapOairFlight & Travel DealsBudget-Friendly, 24/7 SupportFew Filters
2. KiwiSpecific Dates & PlacesCreative RoutesLimited Refund Policy
3. OmioMixed Transport ItinerariesMany Travel TypesLess Coverage in Some Areas
4. WayAwayEarning CashbackCashback, Real-Time UpdatesOnly Some Regions
5. Trip.comMulti-City AdventuresDynamic Bundling, Loyalty PerksCurrency Conversion Fees
6. Google FlightsFlexible Dates & PlacesDate Options, Many Airlines, No Hidden FeesLimited Seat Info
7. SkyscannerSpecific Months & PlacesBest Whole-Month SearchPrices Vary

1. CheapOair: Best for Flight And Travel Deals

Source: CheapOair

Time’s ticking, and you still need to lock down that seat? Look no further; CheapOair is your speedy ally in clutch moments, without ditching quality seating.

Pros & Cons of CheapOair


  • Quick and Efficient: No more last-minute stress; find a seat in a snap.
  • Wallet-Friendly: High-quality seats at prices that’ll have you high-fiving your wallet.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: The early bird or the night owl—support is there when you need it.


  • Limited Filters: Not the best for hyper-specific needs, like extra legroom or in-flight meals.

Perfect For:

Last-minute planners who value time and price equally. Ideal if you’re catching a spontaneous weekend flight to Ibiza or a last-minute business meeting in New York.

Now, visit CheapOair and nab your perfect seat.

2. Kiwi: Best for Specific Dates and Destinations

Source: Kiwi

Whether you’re a planner with the precision of a Swiss watch or a spontaneous globe-trotter, Kiwi serves you the best of both worlds. And let’s get straight to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

Pros & Cons of Kiwi


  • Route Creativity: Mix and match airlines to get unique, and often cheaper, routes.
  • Seat Genius: Kiwi’s algorithm finds the optimal seat based on your preferences—window, aisle, you name it.
  • Flexibility: Last-minute changes are a breeze, often without any extra fees.


  • Limited Refund Policy: If plans go sideways, getting your money back might be trickier than you’d like.

Perfect For:

Travelers with specific dates and destinations in mind, but who still want the fun of discovering new routes and choosing their perfect seat. Ideal if you’re locked into a timeframe but open to a dash of spontaneity. Ready for the ride? Check out Kiwi now.

3. Omio: Best for Mixed Transportation Itineraries

Source: Omio

If your itinerary reads like a script for a global adventure film, Omio’s the director you’ve been waiting for.

This platform isn’t just a flight guru; it’s the expert of varied transit options—from planes and trains to buses and ferries. We’re talking about a seamless script for your worldwide journey, no retakes are required.

Pros & Cons of Omio


  • Global Maestro: Whether you’re crossing the Sahara or hopping between Tokyo and Kyoto, Omio’s got your ticket to ride—globally, no less.
  • Multi-Modal Mastery: Omio treats your travel as a cast of options, not just a solo flight act. The platform makes integrating different modes of transport as smooth as a five-star hotel check-in.
  • User’s Delight: The interface is as crisp as a new passport. Crafting your global journey becomes as simple as saying, “Next stop, adventure!”


  • Limited Operators: While Omio’s network is expansive, it doesn’t cover every local service. You may miss out on hyper-local options that could offer a richer, though less streamlined experience.

Perfect For:

The worldly wanderer who wants a custom-tailored global travel experience. A few clicks and you’re sorted, faster than you can fold a city map.

Ready for a journey as varied and exciting as your destinations? Visit Omio and go on the trip you wish to embark.

4. WayAway: Best for Earning Cashback

Source: WayAway

You’re not just any traveler; you’re a savvy jet-setter who loves the journey as much as the destination—especially if that journey nets you some coin. WayAway not only gets you the seat of your dreams but also lines your pockets. Ah, the sweet smell of extra cash!

Pros & Cons of WayAway


  • Cashback Rewards: Earn up to 5% cashback on your seat reservations (and up to 10% on accommodation) —yeah, they’re practically paying you to travel.
  • No-Frills Interface: The app cuts to the chase, taking you straight to seat selection without any pesky detours.
  • Real-Time Updates: Instant alerts mean you’ll always have the first pick of the freshest seats.


  • Regional Limitations: Not always the best for international flights outside the U.S.

Perfect For:

The financially thoughtful traveler who wants to accumulate not just air miles but actual dollars. If the idea of turning a necessary expense into a profitable endeavor thrills you, then WayAway is your runway to rewards.

Ready to make your money work for you, even at 35,000 feet? Then, visit WayAway and let the cashback clock start ticking.

5. Trip.com: Best for Multi-City Adventures

Source: Trip.com

Grab your passport; we’re elevating your travel game. Trip.com isn’t just an ordinary flight booking platform; it’s your one-stop shop for complex itineraries. Trust me, I’ve mastered the art of zigzagging across the globe, and this platform is my reliable sidekick.

Pros & Cons of Trip.com


  • Multi-City Expertise: Effortlessly chain together flights from Paris to Tokyo to Sydney without breaking a sweat—or the bank.
  • Dynamic Bundling: Pair flights with hotels or car rentals for an all-in-one travel bonanza.
  • Loyalty Perks: Earn Trip Coins with each booking, convertible to discounts or in-app purchases.


  • Currency Conversion Fees: Depending on your payment method, you might encounter additional fees.

Perfect For:

Travelers aiming to conquer multiple cities in a single bound. If you’re the sort who craves an epic storyline for your Instagram feed—say, sunsets in Santorini followed by sushi in Sapporo—Trip.com produces your multi-city tale like a seasoned maestro.

Ready to make your geography teacher envious? Hop onto Trip.com, and plot your next multi-city extravaganza.

I’ve logged more hours in the sky than I can count, and Google Flights has been my co-pilot on more than a few journeys. The power of its algorithm makes it the Sherlock Holmes of the flight search world, especially if your dates are as flexible as a gymnast.

Pros & Cons of Google Flights


  • Date Grid: Play around with your travel dates, and you’ll often discover price drops that make most budget-conscious travelers do a happy dance.
  • Comprehensive Airlines: From flag carriers to budget lines, it’s the United Nations of airlines.
  • No Hidden Fees: What you see is what you pay. No surprises.


  • Limited Seat Insights: Perfect for finding flights, but you’ll need other tools for detailed seat selection.

Perfect For:

Flexible travelers, this one’s for you. Whether you’re a digital nomad with an open itinerary or a spontaneous soul seeking a last-minute escape, Google Flights offers options as wide as the sky itself.

So, ready to let your dates be free? Catch a flight with Google Flights and reap the benefits of flexibility.

7. Skyscanner: Best for Specific Months and Destinations

Source: Skyscanner

Mark my words—Skyscanner is your go-to if your travel month(s) are etched in stone, or, let’s say, inked in your planner. With 300+ flights under my belt, I’ve crossed time zones like some people cross streets. And Skyscanner? It’s the ace up my sleeve when my dates are non-negotiable.

Pros & Cons of Skyscanner


  • Whole-Month Search: A calendar feature that’s more exciting than the 12 days of Christmas, allowing you to find the cheapest fares within your designated month.
  • Global Coverage: Whether you’re hopping over to Paris or jetting to Tokyo, their search engine has got your back.
  • Speedy Results: It scans faster than a barista whips up your morning latte.


  • Prices Vary: Sometimes what you see isn’t what you get at checkout. Keep an eye out for those updates.

Perfect For:

Those locked into a specific month for travel, but who still want the best deal their money can buy. Wedding attendees, conference goers, and semester breakers—this is your ticket to price and time harmony.

Ready to match your calendar with your wanderlust? Give Skyscanner a spin.

Quick Summary: Flight Seat Availability Checkers

Platform 🌐Best For 🎯Pros 👍Cons 👎
1. CheapOairFlight & Travel DealsBudget-Friendly, 24/7 SupportFew Filters
2. KiwiSpecific Dates & PlacesCreative RoutesLimited Refund Policy
3. OmioMixed Transport ItinerariesMany Travel TypesLess Coverage in Some Areas
4. WayAwayEarning CashbackCashback, Real-Time UpdatesOnly Some Regions
5. Trip.comMulti-City AdventuresDynamic Bundling, Loyalty PerksCurrency Conversion Fees
6. Google FlightsFlexible Dates & PlacesDate Options, Many Airlines, No Hidden FeesLimited Seat Info
7. SkyscannerSpecific Months & PlacesBest Whole-Month SearchPrices Vary

Alternative: Go Straight to the Source (Airline Websites)

If you’re the type who knows what you want—right down to your airline of choice—then why dance around third-party websites?

Sometimes, the VIP treatment comes from going straight to the source. And let me tell you, this strategy is often overlooked but as effective as a double shot of espresso.

Pros & Cons of Checking Directly with the Airline


  • Real-Time Availability: No lag, no delay. What you see is the gospel truth of seat availability.
  • Exclusive Offers: First dibs on those perks and upgrades? Don’t mind if you do.


  • Limited View: You’re trading a panorama for a snapshot; it’s just one airline’s options you’re seeing.
  • No Price Comparison: This isn’t a marketplace, so you might miss out on cheaper options elsewhere.

Perfect For:

Those with airline loyalty running in their veins or folks flying on business have to stick with specific carriers. If you’re attending, say, a conference and the organizer has an airline partnership—this is your golden ticket.

The Best Specific Flight Seat Searching Tools

Buckle up, dear traveler! I’m about to introduce you to the Jedi Masters of seat selection—tools that elevate your flight experience from cramped and cornered to spacious and supreme.

ExpertFlyer: The 24/7 Watchtower

Source: ExpertFlyer

Picture this: You’re sleeping soundly, and suddenly your phone buzzes. ExpertFlyer just alerted you that a seat with more legroom is now available. You swap it right then and there, even at 3 a.m.

This tool lets you set up alerts for your dream seat and pings you as soon as it’s up for grabs. We’re talking real-time data here. For someone like me, who’s always on the move, ExpertFlyer is like a trusted buddy for my flying comfort.

SeatGuru: The Traveler’s Encyclopedia

Source: SeatGuru

Imagine going to the cinema and knowing which seats have the best view, enough legroom, and fewer distractions. That’s SeatGuru, but for airplanes.

With a collection of color-coded seat maps and genuine passenger reviews, it offers an aerial view of your flying experience before you even take off. You’ll know where the baby-changing tables are and which seats are so close to the galley that you’ll smell the airplane food all flight.

As someone who likes to pick the perfect spot to sit, I swear by SeatGuru’s in-depth knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Check the Available Seats on a Flight Before Booking?

Here’s your 101: Before you hit that “Book Now” button, pop over to ExpertFlyer. This tool offers a seat alert system that’ll notify you of available seats in real time. Time-sensitive? No sweat! Google Flights allows you to glance at seat availability during the booking process. It’s a smooth operator that won’t keep you guessing.

What is the Best Way to Find an Aircraft’s Seat Map?

Welcome to the domain of SeatGuru, your personalized aircraft atlas. Just punch in your flight number or the aircraft model, and bam! A color-coded seat map is at your disposal. And if you’re someone who revels in detail like I do, this is your nirvana.

Which Websites Provide Accurate Flight Seat Maps?

Accuracy is key when your comfort is on the line. I’d trust SeatGuru and ExpertFlyer any day of the week. They’ve got credibility that even James Bond would envy, so you’re in safe hands here.

Are There Any Apps to Check Flight Seat Availability?

Being on the go means I need information in the palm of my hand. For mobile-friendly ease, consider the SeatGuru or ExpertFlyer apps. Trust me, they can almost be as essential as your passport.

What Alternatives to SeatGuru Can I Use for Seat Information?

Feeling adventurous, aren’t you? A couple of less mainstream but equally handy options include SeatMaestro and FlyerTalk Forums. The latter is where aviation enthusiasts and frequent flyers share juicy tidbits that are as helpful as they are fascinating.

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