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Interactive travel packing list

Smart Travel Packing List With Weight Calculator (Free Tool)

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I have something to share that you might find useful.

Especially if You:

❀️ Love planning as much as traveling itself

πŸ—Ί Are planning to go on a longer trip (for example a world trip)

πŸ„ Are going on a trip with several activities that requires more baggage

πŸ—» Are traveling across different climates with various weather conditions

βš“οΈ Want to know exactly how much luggage (weight) you’ll need for a trip

πŸͺΆ Or simply want an effective tool to help you reap the benefits of traveling light.

What I’m sharing here with you is my personal Google Sheet travel packing list template I’ve used for a few years now.

And no, I don’t ask for your email or anything else. You can download the template with one click down below.

Smart travel packing list with weight calculator

How to Access the Tool:

  1. Visit this page on your desktop/laptop πŸ’»

  2. Open tool (Google Sheets) πŸ”—

  3. Choose: “File” and then “Make a copy” to start editing πŸ“

Why It’s Useful

Based on your inputs the list automatically calculates your carry-on and check-in weight to make sure you don’t exceed the limits.

Plus a recommended maximum backpack weight based on your body weight (if you’re traveling with a backpack).

TIP: A rule of thumb is that your backpack shouldn't be heavier than 20% of your body weight. 

Though sometimes certain trips and expeditions make this hard to accomplish, you still want to avoid it, otherwise, you have to pay the "heavy" price of less comfort and mobility.

How to Sort the List With Two Easy Steps

  1. Choose column “A” if you wish to sort by item (alphabetically) or column “B” if you wish to sort by weight:
Smart travel packing list with weight calculator (sorting)

2. Then go to the top menu and first choose “Data” then “Sort range” and then “Sort sheet by column X (A to Z)” or “Sort sheet by column X (Z to A)”

TIP: When sorting by weight (Column B), choosing (A to Z) will sort after the lightest items first, while choosing (Z to A) will sort after the heaviest items first.

If You Want To Pack as Light as Possible

The list on its own is a helpful tool.

But if you want to pack as lightly and efficiently as possible, I suggest reading my most comprehensive guide to date.

Here I’ll also go through the methods I apply to this specific list, to trim it down even further.

Travel Packing List Example (Backpacking)

ItemsWeight (ounces)Weight (grams)
Antihistamine tablets0.3510
Bluetooth speaker8.47240
Cap (wearing it)00
Card game7.05200
Charger for phone and cable1.5945
Compression packs8.82250
Deo (roll-on)2.6575
Document copies0.7120
Earplugs (6 x pcs)0.185
First aid bag (empty weight)0.3510
Fleece sweater (wearing it)00
Grayl Geopress bottle with water filter15.34435
Hair wax3.53100
Hand sanitizer1.7650
Headset (in-ear)1.5945
Hiking shoes19.40550
Ibuprofen tablets0.185
Immodium tablets0.185
Iodine and cotton swabs1.7650
Jacket (light-weight)10.58300
Jeans (wearing it)00
Laptop charger5.64160
Laptop sleeve3.53100
Laptop USB hub2.4770
Lock for hostel lockers4.94140
Lock with long cable3.1790
Lock for backpack zippers (2 x pcs)4.41125
Mosquito spray3.53100
Paracetamol tablets0.3510
Perfume (30 ml)4.23120
Rain pants10.58300
Raincover for backpack3.53100
Raincover for daypack2.8280
Razor and blades1.7650
Shirts – short sleeve (4 x pcs)21.16600
Shorts (2 x pcs)16.93480
Shorts for training (2 x pcs)10.58300
Sleeping mask0.3510
Sneakers (wearing it)00
Socks – long (5 x pcs)10.58300
Socks – long (wearing it)00
Socks – short (9 x pcs)6.35180
Sunglasses including cover3.3595
T-shirts (2 x pcs)10.58300
T-shirt (extra for carry-on baggage)5.29150
T-shirt (wearing it)00
T-shirts for training (2 x pcs)10.58300
Toilet bags (2 x pcs – empty weight)8.47240
Toilet paper (half roll)2.1260
Underwear (6 x pcs)16.94480
Underwear (extra for carry-on baggage)2.8280
Underwear (wearing it)00
The total weight (excluding backpack) =22.78 lb10,33 kg.
TIP: A good source to find the weights of items is under the "Product details" on Amazon product pages.

Questions or Feedback?

Please leave it in a comment down below, and I’ll get back to you soon as possible <3

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