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How To See How Many Seats Are Left on a Flight (100% Exact)

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It’s quite easy to figure out how many seats there are left on a flight. As long as you know what sources you can trust.

I’ll guide you through each of them, so you can be assured what you find is reliable. Chances are, there might be more to it than you expect.

Whether you want to book tickets, change or upgrade your current reservation, or simply want a prediction on how crowded a flight is gonna be.

Let’s get into it.

Window seat on flight

1. Check the Airline’s Website or App (The Easy Way)

This method might not be as straightforward as you think, but we’ll get more into it in a second.

Make Sure You’re Using the Official Website

First, you want to go to the official website or app of the airline you’re trying to check the flight with.

That means ensuring you’re not using any website for a third-party ticket provider, which we often get redirected to when using flight search engines.

The reason for this is, that the airline has the same information available – just likely more accurate. Because the accuracy of the third-party ticket provider depends on the integration with the airline CRS (computer reservation system).

How To Check Available Seats on a Flight

Once you’re on the airline’s website or app, simply start the booking process of the flight you wish to go with until you reach the seat selection.

Though you might think that’s it, unfortunately, it’s not.

There can be delays or other things affecting the number of seats you see on your device, which can only be seen by the airline staff.

But in case there’s a large number of empty seats, there’s a good possibility you can at least trust that the availability is high.

Though in case there’s not, you’re likely more interested in knowing the accuracy of the information, which takes us to the next step.

2. Contact the Airline Directly (The Accurate Way)

In most cases, this is straightforward, but not always.

Depending on your preference, consider searching the airline’s website or app for a chat function to get in direct contact with their staff.

And remember, there might be functions unique to the app, so consider checking both before writing off the possibility of chatting.

But if you prefer to call, look for the airline’s local phone number on their website.

Here’s a little trick for you, making it easier to find using Google. Just replace my example “EASYJET.COM” with an airline’s website in this Google Search (direct link to Google).


If the Airline Only Has an International Phone Number or You’re Already Traveling

This is a common road bump you can face when trying to contact an airline. Especially the budget airlines.

The good thing is there’s an easy way to call any international number for a low price from your computer or smartphone.

And also get yourself a handy location-independent phone service in case you’re already traveling.

This is simply done by creating a Skype account and refilling it with min. $5 credit. Which will often give you enough credit for hours of international calls.

In general, it’s my to-go option whenever I travel and occasionally have to contact local numbers.

📌 TIP: Notice that there are some outliers in terms of countries that can be more expensive. I once found out the hard way when I called Qatar airways on their local number... You can look up the exact prices of calling any country with Skype here.

3. How To See the Best Seats on Any Flight (Bonus Tip)

Chances are you’re in the process of choosing a seat on a flight. And let me tell you – not all seats are equal, even within the same ticket class.

The good thing is, by using the free website Seatguru, you can easily look up the review of a specific seat on the majority of commercial flights.

Source: Seatguru

The only thing you need is the airline, date, and flight number. Or the airline, date, and locations for departure and arrival.

Here you can see things the airlines prefer to keep to themselves. Such as unpreferred seats with limited leg space or incline, or located close to the often busy flight toilets.

You’re also able to get a glimpse of photos from the exact type of flight, passenger comments, and much more.

How to Save Up to 90% On Your Next Flight Seat

Before you book your next flight, I highly recommend reading my comprehensive guide on how to save money on flight tickets (and secure the best flights).

With over 9 years of travel experience and booking 300+ flights, I’ve distilled my findings into a 19-step checklist.

By following this guide, you’ll not only gain practical knowledge on finding and securing the best flights but also potentially save thousands of dollars in travel costs.

Including how to:

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  4. Save money on extras like baggage fees through smart planning
  5. Discover budget-friendly hacks for your flight day and save on seat reservations and food.
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