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Koh Samui nightlife

The Best Place to Stay in Koh Samui for Nightlife (2024)

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and making a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. For more info, see the Disclosure Policy.

My previous trip to Koh Samui was different from the other five trips I had.

This is because I arrived the same month the Thai pass was introduced, shortly after Covid-19 more or less shut the country down.

And a lot had changed.

This also applied to the nightlife, similar to the rest of the world where social hotspots were fighting to survive. But the good thing is that things are rapidly getting back to normal – including the nightlife.

The reason I made this article is that a lot of the information you find online is outdated (from before Covid). Suggesting closed clubs and bars, and without including the new ones.

And to ensure this article is even more up-to-date, I’ve also reached out to my local friends on the island for updates which I’ve included. Without forgetting to mention my experience from at least 100 nights out on Samui over the years.

Let’s begin.

The Best Places To Stay in Koh Samui for Nightlife

If you're mainly after the best places to stay, no matter which of the three no-car-friendly areas on Koh Samui, here's a quick roundup of the top accommodation for all budgets:
● πŸŽ’ Budget:Lub d Hostel
(Rated: 9.4 of 10)
● 🏨 Mid-Range:Ark Bar Beach Resort
(Rated: 8.2 of 10) 🀩
● πŸ₯‚ High-End:Avani Beach Club Hotel
(Rated: 9 of 10)

1. Chaweng Beach: The Biggest Party Area

If you’ve invested more than 40 seconds researching Koh Samui, this name is probably familiar to you. And for a good reason.

This is the biggest and most lively area on the island. The same goes for the nightlife which includes several clubs, bars, and other venues.

You’ll meet all sorts of people here, but if you’re a couple or family that looks for something a bit more relaxed, we’ll cover alternative spots for nightlife later in the article.

The Best Accommodation in Chaweng Beach for Nightlife

The Best Hostel in Chaweng Beach for Nightlife

🀩 Lub d Hostel (9.4 out of 10)

There’s no doubt that Lub D is the place to stay if you’re looking for lively and social accommodation in Chaweng Beach, located in the middle of all the nightlife.

Here you’ll find 116 private rooms and 16 shared dorms to be exact. Which also makes it more of a hotel, but still with the full social aspect of a (luxury) hostel.

Source: Facebook

And with exceptional facilities such as a restaurant, pool bar, game area, and even a DJ booth.

Pool parties along with beer pong tournaments are frequent here, which might not come as a surprise considering these settings.

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The Best Hotel in Chaweng Beach for Nightlife

🀩 Ark Bar Beach Resort (8.2 out of 10)

If staying close to the party isn’t enough, why not stay at it?

There’s nothing better than being meters from your room after a long night out. It’s much less of a hassle, and you can save the taxi money on drinks and having fun instead.

This place is also one of the most famous beach clubs on the island. And is also included in the list of the best night spots in Chaweng Beach we’ll go through here in a moment.

Source: Facebook

Another thing worth mentioning is that it’s located in the very center of the nightlife in Chaweng Beach.

And at least but not last, both the club and hotel have recently been fully renovated. Ensuring a quality experience for a good price.

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The Best Luxury Hotel in Chaweng Beach for Nightlife

🀩 Avani Beach Club Hotel (9 out of 10)

Now to another chance of staying at the party. This new hotel is located at the island’s most impressive beach club (SEEN Beach Club).

This place has brought a new level of clubbing to the island. The first time I was here I instantly felt I was back in Miami Beach. And my friend from the US agreed.

You’ll also find its beach club on the list of the best nightlife spots in Chaweng Beach, which we’ll go through here in a second.

Source: Facebook

Another good thing about this place is its food. They serve a wide range of delicious local and international cuisine (and drinks) for you to refuel on after a night out.

Notice that the place is located a bit south of Chaweng Beach in the more quiet area. Though still only a 5-10 min taxi ride from the nightlife center.

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The Best Bars, Clubs, and Other Nightlife in Chaweng

Not mentioning any clubs or bars in this article would be a bit like serving sushi without soya – kind of rude.

Do notice that the places are presented in random order.

Ark Bar Beach Club: A Party With Everything

If you’re looking for a party in Thailand that has everything, this is the place to go.

A big dancefloor right on the beach, buckets, and fire shows. Accompanied by DJs playing from early as the afternoon.

And if you feel like relaxing a bit, there are also large areas to chill with your beverages. Consider trying their infamous beer towers. Or play pool at one of their many pool tables.

Source: Facebook

During the day you also have access to their pools with a so-called dive-in bar. And if you go between 4-8 pm you can take advantage of their 2-for-1 happy hour.

If you only had one night out on Samui, this is the place to go.

They close around 2 am where you can head to one of the other clubs or bars nearby.

You’ll find Ark Bar Beach Club on the beachside close to the main party area (Google Maps).

SEEN Beach Club: Take a Trip Back to the 50s

This new beach club opened in 2019.

It’s very modern, a bit fancy, and nothing I’ve ever seen on the island before.

SEEN Beach Club (Koh Samui)
Source: Facebook

You don’t have to wait until nightfall to party though.

You can chill and have food and drinks throughout the day while music is playing in the background. Or jump in the pool and dive towards the attached bar if you wish.

You’ll find the beach club a little further south on Chaweng Beach (Google Maps).

πŸ“Œ TIP: Do notice that this is the most expensive place on the list as well, so only go here if you're not that thirsty - or don't mind paying 150 THB for a normal-sized local Thai beer.

The Green Mango Club: The Oldest and Most Iconic Club

This is the club that gave the main party street on the island its name (Green Mango Street).

It’s usually busy around midnight depending on the season and date of the week.

Green Mango Club (Koh Samui)
Source: Facebook

It has a capacity of 1300 people and two rooms playing different music.

The music played here is what you find in many other clubs such as pop, RnB, House, and EDM.

You’ll find The Green Mango Club on – you guessed it – Green Mango Street (Google Maps).

Hush Bar: Where You Bring Your Bling

This bar essentially consists of one big dancefloor, so I have yet to find out why they don’t call it a club.

Source: Instagram

If you like hip-hop and RnB, this is the place for you.

I’ve never experienced a night here without a proper party.

You’ll also find Hush Bar on Green Mango Street (Google Maps).

Ark Store Bar: A Laid-back Party

This is a fun and chill place (and not to be confused with ARKbar Beach Club).

And it gives the vibes of a private party compared to any of the above.

Source: Facebook

It’s smaller, there’s a pool table, and sometimes beer pong.

If you want a party, but still prefer a more laid-back atmosphere where you can sit and chill (or dance), this is the place for you.

You’ll find Ark Store Bar on Chaweng Beach road in the center (Google Maps).

Lub D: Pool Party at the Beach

Wait, wasn’t this a hotel?

Yes (with dorms), but you might recall me mentioning the pool parties earlier. Which is accessible to the public.

For that reason, it also deserves a spot on this list.

Source: Facebook

Samui International Muay Thai Stadium: The Art of 8 Limbs

Let me introduce you to you the national sport of Thailand.

And if Muay Thai doesn’t ring a bell, imagine boxing with kicks, knees, and elbows allowed.

At the Samui International Muay Thai Stadium, you can experience a whole evening with fighters competing from all over the world.

Samui International Muay Thai Stadium

You can look up upcoming events and book your tickets with Klook πŸ₯ŠπŸ€©

If you’ve never witnessed combat sports in action before, you’re in for an experience.

Do notice it can get pretty brutal at times, so make sure to consider this if you’re extra sensitive or are traveling with kids.

Though do remember that it’s a sport, usually accompanied by a lot of respect between the fighters involved.

πŸ“Œ TIP: If you find Muay Thai interesting, you're not limited to watching it.

You'll find many beginner and tourist-friendly places on Koh Samui to try out yourself

I highly recommend Superpro Samui. I've trained there for over 1 year in total, and this place has become like a second home to me πŸ₯Š

If you're curious, I recommend reading my guide on Muay Thai training in Thailand, which will explain everything you need to know.

It's mostly based on my experience from training in Thailand, but the information is still useful wherever you might decide to try it.

2. Lamai: The Quiet Beautiful Beach Town

This is the second largest area on the island after Chaweng.

Here you’ll also find the most beautiful beach on the island called Silver Beach.

Intriguing name, right?

Though quieter than Chaweng, there’s still plenty of life during late hours. So it’s an ideal place if you prefer spending a lot of time on the beach, but still not far from a lively area.

The Best Accommodation in Lamai for Nightlife

The Best Hostel in Lamai for Nightlife

🀩 Kerton Hostel (9 out of 10)

Let me introduce to you the Kerton hostel. This new luxury hostel recently opened its doors in 2019.

Located in the center of Lamai close to all the nightlife, it stands out from the crowd with its Insta-worthy interiors and exteriors.

Source: Facebook

Another cool thing to mention is their all-day breakfast at their restaurant (from 9 am – 9 pm). Though do notice that it’s bought separately

If an all-day breakfast isn’t party-friendly I don’t know what is. How many of us haven’t missed breakfast just due to a little change in our circadian rhythm after a fun night out πŸ˜€

Also, this hostel is adults-only, so if you’re traveling with kids, it’s not the place for you.

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The Best Hotel in Lamai for Nightlife

🀩 Bonny Hotel (9.2 out of 10)

What every nightlife-friendly accommodations have in common is a superb location. And this hotel is a perfect example of this.

This beloved hotel is located in the middle of Lamai’s nightlife including bars, restaurants, and the lively walking street.

And if you ever feel like relaxing a bit, you’re only a short walk from the beach too.

Source: Facebook

If you’re looking for the best central value-for-money hotel in Lamai, this is it.

There are a lot of good things to say about this place. Covering everything from the amazing staff, level of comfort, and facilities. All for a low price.

βœ… Book now and secure the best price with Booking.com

The Best Luxury Hotel in Lamai for Nightlife

🀩 Pavilion Samui Resort (8.5 out of 10)

This place has a huge wow factor. And has one of the absolute best locations in Lamai.

Situated on a hill you have an overlook of the ocean while surrounded by a lush tropical garden. Yet close to all the nightlife. Providing the best of both worlds.

And to treat yourself after a night out, you don’t have to go far to eat well and relax. This is ensured by their mouthwatering on-site restaurant and luxury spa offering various treatments and massages.

Source: Facebook

So if you prefer a central location with everything you need, yet still with a relaxing atmosphere right on the beach, this place is for you.

And if you ever feel like going on an adventure, they offer a variety of tours and activities too. Such as snorkeling, yoga, and Thai cooking classes.

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The Best Bars, Clubs, and Other Nightlife in Lamai

If you’re looking for big clubs and busy party streets I recommend you to go to Chaweng Beach (approximately a 20 min drive).

But if some smaller bars or cozy restaurant is more what you’re looking for, Lamai will do you just fine.

Rockbar Koh Samui: Reggae on the Beach

Not many places can offer you a Reggae experience directly on a tropical beach in a big house made of wood.

This place itself is an experience.

Source: Facebook

Here you’ll regularly find live Reggae events accompanied by fire shows and more.

If you’re looking for an abundance of good vibes, friendly people, and a laid-back atmosphere, this place is for you.

You’ll find Rockbar Koh Samui in the very south of Lamai Beach (Google Maps).

Lamai Sunday Night Market: A Heavenly Street Buffet

This is one of the biggest and most popular night markets on the island.

And as the name suggests, it’s open from 5-11 pm on Sundays.

Night market in Thailand

Here you can have all sorts of international and local Thai cuisine from different street kitchens.

So don’t show up with a full stomach, it would, without doubt, lead to instant regret.

Besides satisfying your hunger, you’ll also find a lot of stalls selling a wide variety of wares.

You’ll find the market on Lamai beach road (Google Maps).

3. Bophut: Where You’ll Find a Cozy Fisherman’s Village

If you’re looking for a place with even more chill vibes, Fisherman’s Village in Bophut is the place for you.

The beach road you’ll find here is smaller, less crowded, and mainly for pedestrians. This area is ideal for couples or families during the later hours (and in general).

The lack of traffic also makes it much more relaxed, and it’s a plus if you’re traveling with smaller kids.

The Best Accommodation in Bophut for Nightlife

The Best Hostel in Bophut for Nightlife

🀩 Us Hostel Samui (8.4 out of 10)

This is the most lively and social accommodation you’ll find in Bophut.

It’s located a short walk from the lively Fishermans Village, which is also the main nightlife area of Bophut.

The on-site facilities include a restaurant, bar, lounge, sun terrace, and pool which also makes it a great place to meet other travelers.

Source: Facebook

And if you’re traveling in a couple you’ll also find private rooms with extra large double beds here.

Though do notice that the place is for adults only, which doesn’t make it an option for families.

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The Best Hotel in Bophut for Nightlife

🀩 Riviera Beach Hotel (9.4 out of 10)

It’s very rare to find a gem like this without paying a fortune.

This hotel offers some of the most stunning sea views from its rooms and balconies for a surprisingly low price.

And with authentic interiors and exteriors that stay true to the relaxing atmosphere of it’s location in Fisherman’s Village.

Riviera Beach Hotel
Source: Facebook

And even if this wasn’t enough. There’s more to this place than what meets the eye. Because close to the hotel, you’ll find their new beach club “The Deck Samui”

Here you can cool yourself down in their infinity pool. Enjoy delicious food and cocktails (with happy hours). All in the company of occasional live DJs. Right in the middle of Bophut’s nightlife.

This place is a prime example of everything you can wish for in one place.

βœ… Book now and secure the best price with Booking.com

The Best Luxury Hotel in Bophut for Nightlife

🀩 Anantara Resort (9.1 out of 10)

This luxury resort is one of the most interesting places the island has to offer.

Their eye-catching entrance has caught my attention more than once. It looks like an entrance to a jungle, through a gated bridge covered in living lights leading to the resort.

In other words. If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park or similar movies you’ll probably like this place too.

Source: Facebook

It also has a prime location only a short walk from all the nightlife in Bophut found in Fisherman’s Village.

And if you feel like recharging after a night out, you can do so by their infinity pool overlooking the beach. At their restaurant and several bars. Or at their spa offering various treatments, massages, and more.

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The Best Bars, Clubs, and Other Nightlife in Bophut

Even though it’s one of the more chill areas of the island, it’s still lively and full of things to do in the later hours.

Coco Tam’s: Fire Shows on the Beach

This place is cozy.

Their beach is lined up with sack pillows for you to chill in. And the atmosphere is full of living light and relaxing music.

Source: Facebook

It has the vibe of being on a smaller rural island, and it’s not a bad place to watch the sunset too.

You’ll also find a pool table and various games here if you’re in the mood.

You’ll find Coco Tam’s on the main road of Fisherman’s village (Google Maps).

Positive Vibes Cafe: A Small Place With a Big Heart

The first time I visited this place was due to a spontaneous late walk down the beach after everything else was shut.

And this place lives up to its name.

The small and cozy vibe along with the friendly staff makes you feel at home.

I believed the positivity also led them to open in 2022 despite the lower amount of visitors due to COVID-19.

You’ll find Positive Vibes bar on the main road of Fisherman’s village (Google Maps).

Fisherman’s Village Night Market: Another Heavenly Street Buffet

This night market is also one of the most popular on the island.

And is currently taking place every Monday and Friday from 5-11 pm.

Source: Facebook

In many ways, it’s similar to the night market in Lamai mentioned earlier.

Though due to the nature of street vendors, much of the food and wares you’ll find here are still unique compared to other markets.

You’ll find the night market on the main road of Fisherman’s Village (Google Maps).

Is Koh Samui a Party Island?

Yes and no.

With the size of the island and its many hostels, clubs, and bars it can be a party island if you want it to be.

But it’s so much more. It also offers everything you’d expect from a popular Thai island, such as beautiful tropical nature, family-friendly activities, and various wellness for you to relax.

Koh Phangan is a better option if you’re looking for the biggest party island in Thailand. It’s known for its famous monthly Full Moon Party and many other parties in between.

And the crowd on Koh Phangan is usually younger and more backpacker orientated too compared to Koh Samui.

πŸŒ•πŸŽ‰ How To Get to the Full Moon Party From Koh Samui

If you want to experience Full Moon Party while staying at Koh Samui, I recommend booking a speed boat round trip (4.5 out of 5) 🀩

This service will conveniently pick you up at your accommodation and make sure you get all the way to Full Moon Party. And back to your doorstep whenever it suits you.

The time it takes to drive depends on the location of your accommodation, but the speedboat is only around 15 min each way.

Make sure to check the dates of the monthly Full Moon Party according to your visit before booking.

This is how it works:

  1. Go to Viator and choose the date of your Full Moon Party

  2. Then share your accommodation and choose a pickup time between 5 – 9 pm from your accommodation

  3. At the time of pickup make sure to be ready outside your accommodation

  4. The driver will take you to the speed boat going to Haad Rin Harbor at Koh Phangan where the Full Moon Party is

  5. Once you arrive, pay the additional 200 THB ($6) Full Moon Party entrance fee (you’ll get a fancy wristband)

  6. Once you’d like to return to Koh Samui, take the boat back from Haad Rin harbor between 1 – 5 am (every hour)

  7. Enjoy the fresh air and experience how a speedboat trip can turn you sober (it’s magic)

  8. When you arrive back in Koh Samui your driver will wait for you there to take you back to your accommodation.

  9. Voila! Now just turn on your AC, get hydrated, and have a good night’s sleep πŸ˜‰

βœ… Secure your tickets now with Viator

The Best Bars, Clubs, and Night Activities on Koh Samui (Map)

  • ARKbar Beach Club: A party with everything
  • SEEN Beach Club: Take a trip back to the 50s
  • The Green Mango Club: The oldest and most iconic club
  • Hush Bar: Where you bring your bling
  • Ark Store Bar: A laid-back party
  • Lub D: Pool party at the beach
  • Samui International Muay Thai Stadium: The Art of 8 Limbs
  • Rockbar Koh Samui: Reggae on the beach
  • Coco Tam’s: Fire shows on the beach
  • Lamai Sunday Night Market: A heavenly street buffet
  • Positive Vibes Cafe: A small place with a big heart
  • Fisherman’s Village Night Market: Another heavenly street buffet
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