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How To Get a Muay Thai Non-immigrant Education Visa (ED)

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Some Muay Thai gyms offer to help you get the Non-immigrant Education Visa (ED) that allows you to stay up to 1 year in Thailand.

Be aware that it does require a bit of work. Both before traveling to Thailand and during your stay.

Visa rules can be tricky. And to get one in Thailand is no exception. So consider grabbing a coffee and buckle up!

1. Apply for a 60-day Tourist Visa Before Going to Thailand

You may need a 60-day Tourist Visa to convert it to a Non-immigrant Education Visa (ED) once you’re in Thailand, although it’s not always a strict requirement.

Some travelers have converted a 30-day visa exemption or a visa on arrival. However, regulations can change. The safest bet? Get that 60-day tourist visa to cover your bases. Fees are around 1,000 THB ($30).

Requirements for Obtaining a 60-Day Tourist Visa:
  • Passport with a validity of min 6 months – But keep in mind you also need it to be valid throughout your whole stay in Thailand, and min 6 months whenever you renew your visa

  • Passport photos not older than 6 months – It’s also a good idea to bring extra photos with you to Thailand since you’ll need them to obtain and renew your Non-immigrant Education Visa (ED)

  • A flight ticket out of Thailand – Consider booking a flexible ticket so you can change the departure date according to the time you end up staying

  • Evidence of min. 20,000 THB ($593) in funds – Such as a bank statement.

Online applications may be available through the official Thai E-visa website, although availability can vary by nationality and visa type. It’s always good to check.

2. Look For Your Gym of Choice That Also Offers Assistance in Getting the Non-immigrant Education Visa (ED).

Training somewhere long-term compared to a shorter time is very different. So I suggest you join at least one class before committing to a gym long-term.

If you’ve already picked your destination, I suggest you try out as many of the nearby Muay Thai gyms as possible.

If you intend on leaving Thailand and coming back during your stay, make sure they can help you get a Non-immigrant Education Visa (ED) for multiple entries.

📌 TIP: While many gyms offer assistance with visa procedures, ensure that your chosen gym has a track record in successfully helping with Non-immigrant Education Visas (ED).

3. Convert Your Tourist Visa to a Non-immigrant Education Visa (ED) With the Assistance of Your Gym Within 30 Days of Arrival

The visa is valid for 90 days from the point of conversion.

Make sure to initiate this process within the first 30 days of your arrival to ensure there’s enough time for the application to be processed.

Fees for this conversion are around 2,000 THB ($59), excluding any gym fees.

The immigration office souvenir

4. After 90 Days of Receiving Your Non-immigrant Education Visa (ED) Go to Immigration and Extend It up to 1 Year

You’ll also need assistance from your gym to do this. And notice that you can’t extend your visa longer than you can document training with the gym.

You can extend the visa multiple times if you don’t want to commit to a year. As long as your gym doesn’t mind assisting you with it. But remember this will result in more fees.

The price is around 2,000 THB ($59) excluding any fees your gym may charge.

5. After Another 90 Days Go to Immigration To Report Your Address

You must report your address at the immigration office every 90 days for the duration of your stay. The cost is usually around 2,000 THB ($59), exclusive of any additional fees.

⚠️ 📌 TIP: Be aware that everything explained in this guide is subject to change. 

So always check up with your local Thai embassy and gym for the latest information. As there might be additional fees, steps, or requirements depending on your country, destination, and gym. 

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