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How to go to the Statue of Liberty from Times Square

How To Go to the Statue of Liberty From Times Square (Easiest)

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There are three main ways to get from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty.

I’ll reveal to you one that’s almost always overseen, which is a shame since it’s also one of the quickest and most fun ways (depending on the weather and season).

I’ll let you be the judge and decide which one to pick.

No matter your choice, you’ll have to take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. I’ll present the different options when buying a ticket, so you can easily decide what’s best for you.

Let’s get going!

Time Square

The Quick and Easy Way (Metro)

The best one to take from your exact location depends on the time and day.

Here’s how you check it (real-time):

  1. Follow this direct link to Google Maps
  2. Choose “Directions”
  3. Then choose “Your location” as the starting point
  4. And then choose “Transit”
  5. Now you’ll have an overview of the best departures

The trip takes around 20 min and costs between $2-3 depending on your method of payment.

Once you arrive at one of the two metro stations (Bowling Green or South Ferry), you’ll have to walk for 5-6 min to Statue City Cruise in Battery Park (see location + Opening hours with Google Maps).

Statue Cruise ferry

Here you can buy your ferry ticket ranging from $24-74 per person depending on whether you want the general admission with extras or not (taxes may apply).

You can also book your tickets and see all the options on Statue Cruise’s official website to avoid standing in line.

The tickets will be sent to your e-mail and can be scanned directly on your phone. If you didn’t receive them shortly after, make sure to check your e-mails spam folder.

If you choose to book your tickets online, be aware that they recommend arriving 30 min before departure.

And since you can’t reschedule sooner than 24 hours before, you’ll likely lose your ticket if you miss it.

The total time for this journey from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty is around 40-65 min depending on the ferry (departing every 25 min).

TIP: Though you can also take a taxi from Times Square to Battery Park I don't recommend it. It's often the most expensive and often slowest way depending on the traffic (15-50 min).

The Sightseeing Way

There’s also the option of making the journey the destination itself.

After all, New York City is one of the most interesting cities to wander. And being known as bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly makes it even better.

This allows you to experience the city in one of the most authentic ways. With the bonuses of it being healthy, fun, and environmentally friendly.

Grab a Bicycle (Citi Bikes)

Now to the most underrated option, I was referring to in the beginning. It’s also my personal favorite.

The bicycle route from Times Square to the ferry port in Battery Park (Google Maps) is primarily along the Hudson River. This gives you a great view while having a break from the busy center of Manhatten.

And what’s even better – it’s as quick as taking the metro (approx. 25 min).

Finding a bicycle is also super easy due to Citi bikes you’ll find all over the city.

Citi bike New York City

After you’ve created a user with their app, you can locate the bikes closest to you and be going in no time.

You can also use the Lyft app if you already have a user there.

The price for the first 30 min is $3.99. Additional minutes cost $0.23.

To park your bike drive to the Citi Bike: Little West St & 1 Pl (Google Maps) located on Hudson River Greenway close to Battery Park.

As said the journey will take around the same time as with the metro. Meaning approximately 40-65 min in total from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty depending on when the ferry departs.

Walk the 4 Miles

I know this idea isn’t exactly revolutionary, but I still think there are some things worth mentioning about this option.

The route from Times Square to Battery Park on 6th Avenue will take you past several popular things to see. Such as the Empire State Building, Flatiron building, World Trade Center, and Raging Bull.

And you’ll pass several metro stations too, so if you decide you’ve had enough of walking, you can always grab the metro.

The route covering 6th Avenue is around 4 miles (Google Maps) and takes approximately 1 hour and 25 min.

Meaning that the total journey from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty will take around 1 hour and 40-55 min.

Things To Do in Battery Park While Waiting for the Ferry

If you have spare time before your ferry, consider exploring Battery Park for a bit.

Despite the distant view of the Statue of Liberty. It’s also known for its many (and sometimes aggressive) squirrels. In my experience most of them are friendly – the problem occurs if you’re trying to feed them.

If you love animals as I do, it might come as a bummer, but luckily there are other things to do.

Battery Park in New York City

Taking into consideration the limited time there is between ferries a few things is off the list.

But a suitable suggestion is to search for one or more of the 20 monuments and memorials scattered around the park.

Through creative design, they honor soldiers, explorers, inventors, and others.

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