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Copenhagen to Bergen by Ferry (Top Routes + Latest Reviews)

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and making a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. For more info, see the Disclosure Policy.

I’ve reviewed all the different options for you to make your journey from Copenhagen to Bergen as cheap and smooth as possible.

Because smooth we like.

As a Dane myself I also had the opportunity to go spying on Danish websites to give you the most up-to-date local insights.

But chances are that you’re in planning mode and are not looking for small talk, so let’s get straight to the point!

Can You Travel From Copenhagen to Bergen by Ferry?

Yes and no.

There are no direct ferry connections from Copenhagen to Bergen, BUT there is one from another Danish city called Hirtshals (except cruise ships – see next step).

And when you’re heading toward Hirtshals, you’re going in the same direction as Bergen anyways, so it’s not an inefficient option, your driving will just compensate and make the ferry ride shorter.

So let’s dig into what options you have for getting to Hirtshals in a second, depending if you’re traveling by car or not (right after a quick note about your alternative option of going with a cruise ship).

Alternative: Copenhagen to Bergen by Cruise Ship πŸ›³οΈ

The only way to sail from Copenhagen to Bergen is by cruise ship. But these journeys take at least 7 days with several stops on the way. And primary depart during the summer. If that’s something you’re interested in, you can view departures and book tickets on Cruisecritic.com

If You’re Traveling by Car (Or Any Other Vehicle)

Hirtshals is a 5-hour ride from Copenhagen (Google Maps).

Here you can either choose the route that includes a short trip by ferry from Odder to Aarhus with the Molslinjen ferry, or the alternative one only by land.

Both routes take the same amount of time, but the one only by land results in 100 km of more driving, and the extra costs associated with that.

Those extra costs could instead be spent on a ferry ticket including all passengers ranging from 299 kr. ($41). The price depends on the size of your car, etc.

And if your car fits under Molslinjen’s definition of a smaller car, you’d most likely save a few bucks by taking the ferry.

You can check prices and book tickets directly on Molslinjen’s website here.

Now we only need the Hawaiian Hula girl on the dashboard as well

Also the 75 min. ride with Molslinjen is comfortable and smooth. This is not a surprise taking into consideration that all their ferries are very new and modern (latest from 2019).

I must admit that I didn’t know ferries could be that sexy before driving one of theirs myself.

πŸ“Œ TIP: If you decide to go with the ferry from Odder to Aarhus, consider staying for a while and discover Aarhus if you have the time (Denmark's 2. largest city).

If You’re Not Traveling by Car

And free as a bird, as they say, you can also opt-in for public transport from Copenhagen to Hirtshals which takes around 6 hours from Copenhagen (Google Maps).

But if you want to go by ferry from Copenhagen to Bergen no matter the cost of time and price, then the only option left is going on a cruise ship.

Do notice that these have stops and different routes before getting there, and cost from $539-699 per person for the cheapest and shortest trips of +7 days.

If you’re just looking into experiencing Bergen for a shorter time, and are curious about a northern cruise in general, this might be the best choice for you.

The Copenhagen to Bergen Ferry Reviews (with Fjord Line)

As mentioned earlier, there is only one ferry going to Bergen from Denmark (not counting the cruise ships).

And as you already know, this ferry doesn’t depart from Copenhagen, but from the nearby city of Hirtshals.

Latest Customer Reviews (LIVE)

Travel Time

Their route is going directly from Hirtshals to Bergen, except for a single stop in Stavanger (Norway).

The journey takes 16 hours and 30 min (departing at 20:00 – arriving at 12:30 in the afternoon the following day).

And remember to add the 5-6 hours it takes to get from Copenhagen to Hirtshals, depending on your transportation of choice.


The departures and prices very much depend on the time of your booking, the season, and whether you’re driving or not (and the size of your car).

For 2 people without a car, the price ranges between $184-448 ($270-967 with a car).

You can see the exact dates and prices in Fjordline’s Low-Fare Calendar on their website.


  • If you have a car with you, and you need transport from Copenhagen to Bergen, there are not many other options to go for
  • But if you don’t want to fly, taking the train or the bus are the best alternatives (we’ll get into these alternatives in a second)
  • But compared to everything, flying is still the cheapest and fastest option by far.

Other Ways To Get From Copenhagen to Bergen (Without Flying)

If the reason you were looking into a ferry route in the first place, was due to you not wanting to fly, there are still two other non-flying options for you.

Traveling by Train

The trip consists of only 3 trains:

1. From Copenhagen Central Station > 2. GΓΆteborg Central Station (Sweden) > 3. Oslo Central Stations > 4. Bergen (hurray!)

With the price of $243 – 319 per person and a travel time of 16 hours and 10 min.

And if you brought your laptop and thinking about getting some work done on the way, trains are not the worst place to do that either.

This is probably the best choice for most people that don’t want to fly.

Steady, safe, and (s)comfy

Traveling by Bus

To not discriminate against any form of transportation, I made sure to include everyone’s all-time favorite aka the bus.

The price is around $213 – 260 per person with a travel time of around 19 hours and 35 min.

Depending on the departure date and time, there’s potentially some dough to be saved per person compared with the train ($30-59).

But this has to be considered with the 3 hours and 25 min longer journey, and the lack of comfort in comparison (and safety for that matter).

But if you just want the most budget-friendly option that isn’t flying, this is for you.

Sorted by priceCosts (2 persons)Time
Flight$90 – 2331h 20m
Bus$213 – 26019h 35m
Train (without ferry)$243 – 31916h 10m
Ferry (with a car)$270 – 967 + Gas21h 30m
Ferry (public transportation)$316 – 580 22h 30m
Paddleboarding*$1000 – 2400Too much
*Disclaimer: Mentioning paddleboarding was a joke πŸ˜‰
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