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Hitchhiking the Red Pirate in Turkey πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

Hitchhiking the Red Pirate in Turkey (Video)

I only waited for around 3-4 minutes for my first ride from Fethiye toward Izmir. Also, no more than 3-4 cars got to pass by me as well. I got picked up by Matthias in his Red Pirate (a customized Volkswagen T3 from 1990). And the rest is history… A huge thanks to Matthias and the...

Peter, I, Keng, Shaun, Chan, Chain, and Noi at Superpro Samui, Koh Samui

How to Do Your Own Weight Loss Retreat (Including Free Tools)

I assume that the odd idea of losing weight while traveling got you here? I’ve spent a few months of my travels doing that since 2017. Long story short; at my highest, I weighed 256 lbs/116,4 kg.  At my lowest, I weighed around 196 lbs/89 kg.  Which is equal to a total...

Things to do on Amarminoen

9 Things to See on Amarminoen That Might Surprise You

Even after hiking this route more times than I can count. It still took me a while to spot all these things. Now you have the chance to cheat and spot them all on your first try. Hurray – let’s all praise the internet! And they’re all free to enjoy (except one of them...

Bitcoin (BTC) on train track

How to Earn Free Crypto While Traveling (7% Agoda Cashback)

When people ask me what my favorite dish is, I usually say; free food. Today we’re talking about something else. Something that’s even better than food these days. At least according to some people. More exactly some private investors. Aka retail investors. That’s...

Drink in a bar

Top 9 Best Bars And Clubs in Riga + Bonus

During my 3 years living in Riga in my early 20’s. Where weekend meant parties. I’ve had the pleasure to visit a bar or club once or twice. On top of that, I’ve hosted party weekends for my friends more than once as well. From everything between 3 to +10 persons at a...

Things to do in Riga

Top 9 Things to Do in Riga Sorted by Adrenaline + Bonus

So you’re considering going to Riga? Or are you fortunate enough to have already arrived here? Either way, there’s a very specific reason I made this article. Let me tell you why. After living in Riga for 3 years, my family and friends often ask me for recommendations on what to do. Since...